St Munchin’s

Catholic School

Reflect the life and love of Christ for His people

1 Isdell Place
Gosnells WA 6110
PO Box 172
(08) 9234 7555

Canteen - The Munch Box

The canteen (The Munch Box) operates each Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8.30am and closes at 1.20pm.

The Canteen Manager, Mrs Van Der Wel, can be contacted on 9234 7510.

The Canteen Manager is employed by the School and volunteer helpers are always needed to help serve and prepare recess and lunch orders. Offers of assistance are very much appreciated and if you are able to help, please notify Mrs Van Der Wel, or respond to volunteer help requests in the school newsletter.

The canteen is working towards healthy food guidelines (The Traffic Light System) and aims to provide a variety of food at reasonable cost. Lunch order bags are available from the canteen at a minimal cost.

The canteen is open at recess and lunch times for all Primary students. A menu is made available at the start of every school term for all families of the school.

Children place their lunch order bags in the class lunch basket or hand their order directly into the Canteen each morning.

Forgotten Lunches

If a student has forgotten their lunch, an IOU can be issued. The IOU slip is sent home to the parent/caregiver and payment should be made the next day.

Download the Latest Canteen Menu.

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