St Munchin’s

Catholic Primary School

Reflect the life and love of Christ for His people

1 Isdell Place
Gosnells WA 6110
PO Box 172
(08) 9234 7555

Events Galleries

The Jazz Nativity

Making Murals

Jumps and Throws Carnival

Book Week

Year 5M

Year 5W

Year 2W

NAIDOC Celebrations

Year 2

Year 1W

Year 4 REminda Excursion

Year 4 Hyde Park Excursion

Year 4 Assembly


Year 4M Woolworths Excursion

Year 4M Edudance

Congratulations and Thank You

Italian Festival

West Australia Football Commission

Year 1M Yarning Circle

Cross Country Awards

Mission Day Activities

Our First Day of Term 1

Interschool Swimming Carnival

St Munchin’s was 4th out of 5 competing schools with a score of 690.

Our Year 6’s Excursion called ‘Oh Hey! Art Walk!’

BEBRAS Challenge

Year 6 Adventure Day

Harmony Day @ St Munchin’s

Family Fun Night in Term 1

A great time was had by all!

Lego Incursion in Term 1

Year 6 class work

Year 5 class work

Year 4 class work

Year 3 activities

Year 2 class activities

Our Year 1 and 6 joint class activities

Our Year 1s

Our Whole School Incursion in Term 1

Leadership Lunch at Parliment House

Daily Prayer in 6M

New initiative: “Stretch Crew”

New picnic benches

Project Compassion

Mothers Day Morning Tea

Happy Mother's Day 2019

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