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Holiday Programme - Information for Parents

Program Aims

This program is available to school aged children from 4-12 years.

It has been developed to ensure that children in early to middle childhood heve access to age appropriate recreational experiences that promote social inter actions and intellectually challenge as well as engage with the community around them.

Program Development

The programs follow the Early Years Learning Framework & My Time Our Place Curriculums and will comply with the National Quality Framework as well as the Education and Care National Regulations and ACT.

Programs will be developed in consultation with children and families attending the program and will be based on the children’s interests.

Policy Extracts

$65 per child per day (an additional fee will be charged for incursions and excursions, to cover the cost of excursion venue entry fees, transport cost and on some days lunch or snacks).

Transport /Excursion Policy
Children are only permitted to travel to an excursion on any form of transport with the written permission from a parent. In some circumstances where the site of the excursion is close to the service, it is appropriate for the staff to walk to the site provided it is safe to do so.

Our commitment to Sustainability St Munchin’s OSHC aims to develop and implement environmentally sound practices and programs that recognise our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment and to foster in children an ongoing commitment to caring for the world in which they live.

Sun Protection
All enrolled children and employees attending St Munchin’s OSHC shall be protected as far as practicable from skin damage caused by harmful ultra violet radiation (UVR). The children will be encouraged to use sunscreen and wear hats when playing outdoors.

Download a copy of our Daily Routine.

Download a copy of our December/January 2017 Vacation Care Programme

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