St Munchin’s

Catholic Primary School

Reflect the life and love of Christ for His people

1 Isdell Place
Gosnells WA 6110
PO Box 172
(08) 9234 7555

School Profile

St Munchin’s Catholic Parish School is a community of faith, with Jesus as its model. Our motto, Sequere Veritatem, ‘Follow Truth’, helps students to focus on what is truly important to the school. Religious education is the first learning area and it is a valued part of the daily curriculum.

The school accommodates 419 students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6.

Children at St Munchin’s have the opportunity to learn from subject specialists in Music, Physical Education, Dance, Information Technology, Library Studies, Science and Italian. The addition of a Learning Needs Coordinator since 2010 to coordinate support throughout the school has proven to be highly effective. Senior students can participate in leadership roles with active involvement in art, music and liturgy, environment, information technology, health, library studies, pastoral care and the sport councils. Parents can take advantage of the healthy food offered by the Canteen for their children’s nutritional needs.

St Munchin’s School operates a Before and After School Care Programme. Children can also enrol in this programme during the term vacation breaks. The school is involved in a number of fantastic activities, such as the recycling of paper products and the Worm Farm Programme, battery collection and a new vegetable garden initiative in Pre Primary.

Since 2010, the school has been involved in the Bluearth Physical Education Programme. In 2011, the addition of a reading support teacher and the implementation of the Hickey Programme for language support have been advantageous for children in need. In 2013 a Reading Recovery teacher commenced training to assist “at risk students” with reading.

The involvement of parents is valued at St Munchin’s School and opportunities to assist in the classroom are encouraged. The Parents and Friends Association is an active part of St Munchin’s and their fundraising support is an asset to the school community.

Follow Truth