St Munchin’s

Catholic Primary School

Reflect the life and love of Christ for His people

1 Isdell Place
Gosnells WA 6110
PO Box 172
(08) 9234 7555

2018 Year 6 Graduation

by Franziene Ledsey

Time flies by, brief flashbacks over the years, our consciousness, our mindfulness,
I remember laughing, smiles and jokes, everyone’s happy, full of delightfulness.
We’ve had our regrets, and hard times, we’ve had tears and some fights,
But in the end, we forgive and forget, we learn to always do things right.

It’s going to be hard to say goodbye, to wish our friends farewell.
Our friends have helped us grow and come out of our shell,
Self-esteem became higher,
Selfishness became lower,
Oh I wish I could go back in time, and do all of it slower.

Far away by distance, but together by heart,
In reality all of us will never be apart.

Beau's Poem
St Munchin’s school, I have spent eight years
Teachers have taught me, and my peers
Memories were made, with my all friends
Unfortunately, our time has come to an end
Nevertheless we have to grow up
Can’t we pause time? Slow it down, not speed it up?!
Had so many experiences right here in this school
I think St Munchin’s is extremely cool.
Numbers of teachers have helped us become smart
St Munchin’s, you will always be in my heart

by Beau Scott

Year 6 Graduation Awards 2018

Yr 6 Academic Awards
Awarded for: * Excellence in Academic Learning Areas
Agna Biju Year 6M
Franziene Ledsey Year 6W
Science - Woodside Scitech
Awarded for: *Seeking scientific knowledge through research and experimentation
Nicholas Navarra Year 6M
Pearl Ekbote Year 6W
Christian Leadership Awards
Awarded For: * Giving witness to the teachings of Jesus through leadership within the school community
Paige Jacob Year 6M
Michael Mebrahtom Year 6M
Louise Vinciguerra Year 6W
Rose Nixon Year 6W
Terry Hearly Community Service Awards
Awarded by Mr Terry Healy for: * Contributing to our school community in the area of active service
Using initiative to decide what help is needed and giving support to others
Samantha Feisst Year 6M
Jesse Vanderplank Year 6W
Principal's Endeavour Awards
Awarded for: * Consistent effort and responsibility
* Initiative, dedication and participation
Emily Foote Year 6M
Edward Crockett Year 6W
Altar Servers 2018
* In Recognition of the students who have served at school and community Masses
Aya van Ingen
Paige Jacob
Agna Biju
Nicole Oo
Rose Nixon
Shone Nixon
Ashton Ricafranca
Ludia Majiwa
Jack Roach
Justin Kyaw-Tun
Michael Almen
Elsa Rehaut
Patrick Costantino

Year 6 Graduation

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